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SUXING IS an ordinary girl trying to be extraordinary a college graduate preparing to sign away her youth for a ph.d a microphone-hogging karaoke junkie, wannabe graphic artist, and occasional star-chaser the autumn to another's summer and one half of a whole currently obsessed preoccupied with the hobbit, the avengers, les miserables, smtown china line, hunter x hunter, elementary, supernatural, and all things robert downey jr. an avid lover of music with the somewhat odd tendency of randomly bursting out into song frequently a fangirly blob of fail prone to key-mashing, heart-marking, and foisting her over-enthusiastic love onto others upbeat, easy-going, and full of feelings~

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(exo-k)+(exo-m)=exo, assembling avengers, badass unicorns, banging on pianos, barricade boys, basking in sunshine, being ridiculous, boys being boys, captain fine, catering to my whims, chinese puns, cozy niches, cuddle-puddles, dancing awkwardly, dots on staff paper, dummy on standby, eclectic mixes, epic duets, fable-spinning, fantasy in reality, first snow, france before pants, glorious weather, graphic design, green tea, kitty paws, living like a granadino, making memories, moe oyaji, not missing the bus, obscure cocktails, riding that feelwhale, rubber ducky jr, saving the turtles, sleeping to excess, sleight of hand, smiles like sunshine, smtown china line, spontaneity, striped scarves, superhusbands, taste spotting, the kaner shuffle, wiki-surfing, witty repartee